Rubber-adaptive sites, web-presentations



    CMS DRUPAL, html, css, vba, vb.net, MSSQL, MySQL, php, java...


    Polygraphy of any complexity

    Stereo | Vario - printing


    Subject, reportage, panoramic photography

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Site frontend-developer Repnyago Natalia

Experience 16 years | Since 1999, it has successfully completed over 5000 projects.


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My experience in IT 16 years | Since 1999, more than 5000 projects have been successfully commissioned.


As Bill Gates once said, in the future there will be two kinds of companies in the market: those who are on the Internet and those who have left the business - judging by the accelerating process of IT development, this future looms. There is no need to say that the high rating will be for those companies that are on the way there or already on the INTERNET.

 And your tool for business is digitized?

Having a long and productive experience in web design and website development I position myself as a universal web developer with constant professional growth.

For 16 years of work I got the skills of graphic design and programming, communication with suppliers and customers, and document circulation. I learned to learn and solve non-standard problems, find the right information and think logically. Often in my face, the customer finds not only a webmaster but also an information and technical consultant. 

  • I provide comprehensive services for the development of web products with a guarantee.
  • I take government orders and projects interesting for me with the possibility of participation as a volunteer.
  • I consider a flexible system of payments and installments.
  • Always in touch - phone: +7 (952) 728-28-00, e-mail, skype, whatcap, viber.
  • I keep the trade secret of the Customer.

Since October 2017 I am the official partner of Emzior company for the sale of equipment and integration of wireless communication networks on high-speed equipment.


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  • Subject, panoramic, reportage photography for catalogs and online stores (presentations, competitions, exhibitions, festivals);
  • Preparation of photographic material;

DESIGN OF PRINTED PRODUCTS (price of design services)

  • Design of outdoor advertising and souvenir printing of any complexity;
  • Design and print Stereo / Vario (volumetric / interchangeable image);
  • Preparation of projects for coordination in the administration;

WEB-DEVELOPMENT (Calculator-services for creating a website)

  • Creation of online stores, catalogs with unique design on CMS DRUPAL;

  • Rubber - adaptive layout using HTML5, CSS3, JS. PHP;

  • Setting up and connecting payment system, counters, domain registration, hosting setup;

  • Unique page design, gif-animation, advertising banners, icons, buttons;

  • Promotion and optimization of sites in the search system;

  • Development of software for Windows (VBA), MSSQL and sites on ASP VB.NET.




Form your site assembly in the online calculator and send me a completed application.

I develop printed polygraphy from a breadboard model to circulation - a logo, a trade mark, forms, catalogs, business cards and other.

I do web design / redesign, optimization / adaptation of sites and elements with correct display on all kinds of screens.

Photographing and image processing for posting on the site. Expansion of site functionality, connection of payment modules, geo-maps, widgets and personal cabinet.



I create sites on cms with a convenient and functional system of administration from the business card to the portal.

You will be able to independently add to your site an unlimited number of pages and products, keywords for the search engine on each page.

CSS, JS I write clean, with detailed comments.

Custom modules I use as necessary, without tying myself. The customer further, by his decision, can change the site without losing data by contacting any competent web developer, to add functionality or make additional edits.



On all my developments I give a guarantee and information support within the framework of the project.

I solve questions with the domain, hosting, installing the certificate and moving the site.

I prepare the necessary accompanying documents for all kinds of services.

Upon completion of work, I give the access keys, detailed instructions, a description of the site functionality and documents supporting the transfer of copyright to the intellectual product, which may be required in some cases. I help to sort out the work in the administrative mode.



I make a transparent estimate of the work. I agree on a phased flexible payment system, I offer discounts and installments for regular customers.

Sites in the future can be modified into a version with great functionality, paying only for the installation and configuration of modules.

Payment for the final result for performing non-standard tasks.


CEO and Site Support

I configure the seo-modules, metatags, microdata, statistics for self-promotion of the site in the process of filling it with content.

I take sites for further maintenance.



I connect my team - proven specialists in the work, each of them, will be responsible for their sector of activity: Filling the site - the content manager; Personal server setup - network administrator and security systems specialist. The customer will be able to directly solve specific issues with each performer, or only with me.