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The first step in working on a new project is like jumping into the water without seeing the bottom. The presence or drafting of a technical task painlessly regulates this process, the prescribed terms - organize, the joint vision of the result - inspires, and timely advance payment - stimulates.


What is the purpose of the task?

Suppose you have already compiled for yourself an idea of ​​what you expect to see in the end - it is important that this view coincides with the vision of the web developer and the compilation of TK will be the main starting point, and sometimes a beacon in long projects.

Question! "And when the work will be considered completed?" - this is how we will understand that we have really finished it, because perfection has no limit and it is possible to improve and change something infinitely. TK is not just a list of requirements, it is a document attached to the contract. If the contract regulates the process of organizational and financial relations, then TK regulates the development process and the final result.

Sometimes a customer comes with a burning deadline - the site is needed, those-task in words, and you really are there, because everything is clear. You begin to ask the attendant questions and a lot of things come up that the Customer either forgot to warn or did not know himself, and this additional time and work that will not be taken into account, eventually threatens with the disruption of the terms, unaccounted working hours, additional reconciliations and estimates.


Approximate TK for site creation can include:

General information about the document, the list of responsible persons for the coordination and acceptance of works, and its drafters;

Terminology (optional)

Marketing research, description of competitors (for large projects);

The theme of the site, corporate stylization, links to sites with examples ..;

Goals and objectives of the site;

Description of users of the site, their goals and objectives;

Information architecture (IA) of the site: site map, templates, interface description;

Description of the content of the site;

Description of site functionality and its individual modules;

Description of the process and the intermediate stages of work;

The process of site transfer and acceptance;

 These are only the most significant items and their number varies depending on the project, goals and objectives.


Is it possible to draw up a TOR independently?

If you are an expert in this matter - you can, and if you are not sure - it is better to entrust it to professionals, or to someone who will implement it.

In my practice, there is often a situation where only the title page remains from the TK corrections, independently compiled by the customer.

In any case, TK on 5 pages of text is much better than when it is not at all!


Pay for TC?

Let's say you want to build your house. To know its cost, you need a budget, you need a project for the budget. If you are not an architect, then most likely the project is ordered from a specialist. With him you can contact any construction organization and there you will make an estimate. You can take the finished project and get a standard house, and with the site - either a standard set and project for free, or on an individual project.

For small, standard sites it is enough to fill in the check-list of the developer offered free of charge, it will be the main technical task.

For such projects as an online store, catalogs, corporate sites with the administration system, there are many individual tasks with different functions and data design, all this should be correctly and detailed in TK, which will not waste time on finalizing and reworking the project in the future . Creation of such TK requires working time and knowledge of the basics of programming. The cost of developing TK, or laid in the overall cost of the project, or paid separately.

When ordering a TOR from one developer, and ordering the development of a site from another, it may result in corrections to the TOR and additional costs: The developer may adjust the TK to his requirements if they disagree with his capabilities, or he will offer another solution in data design and improvement There may be many such options.

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