Design services

  • The workability of the site at the end of the work is guaranteed for 3 months. The customer freely tests the site. During this period, I do not take additional payment for correcting errors in the code, which may appear during the testing process, but also help me understand the work in the administrative mode within the framework of the completed project.
  • Upon the full payment and completion of work, I give the access keys, detailed instructions, a description of the site functionality and documents supporting the transfer of copyright to an intellectual product if required.
  • In the case when the work capacity is violated through the Customer's fault, an individual estimate for the restoration work is drawn up.

Internet catalog (goods, services ..) - a structured set of references (terms) for goods or services with their brief description. Goods or services within the catalog are broken down by topic or another parameter. Navigation can be from 1, 2, 3 or more levels. Each level of the catalog can be individually designed in the form of a unique view of the positions with the addition of search filters.


Editable links (terms) for the catalog - the ability to independently configure links (terms) for goods or services of the catalog through the admin panel


Gallery - a photo-exhibition of goods, services or any self-executed work. Demanded by designers, artists, photographers, in the portfolio, etc.


Text editor - easy editing of text in the admin panel.


The company's location map on the site is a map module used by yandex or Google, usually located on the Contacts page. As an alternative, you can use an animated image of the driving directions.


The news line will revive the site and allow site visitors to always be aware of events and new offers of the company.


New material is the ability to add pages to a site in a predefined template form (material type), for example - "Article", you can add countless articles to the site in a certain form. A new type of material is usually created for pages of the new standard.


The unique design of the site, in contrast to the template, allows the site to be easily recognizable using the corporate style (color, font, elements) of the company, in contrast to the standard template. But sometimes, especially if the company has just started its activity and has a limited budget, it is enough to use a ready-made template with minimal color modification and placement of blocks, menus and other elements on the site.


Adaptability of the site is the ability to view the site on any mobile device, while the scroll bar does not appear at the bottom of the screen, and the blocks, web forms and page elements are beautifully rearranged to a specific screen resolution or stretched when the width of the browser window changes.


Social buttons - an opportunity for a visitor to share a link (recommend a site to friends) on a site in social networks or by e-mail.


The form "Callback" is the ability for the user of the site to send a request for a return call - the name and phone number to the email address of the company (the site owner).


Online calculator is an online form for calculating services with the subsequent sending of a ready settlement and a list of selected services to the e-mail address of the site owner or to the sales department of the company in the form of an application.


The feedback form on the site will enable customers to promptly contact the company, ask questions, leave an application or a message that will be sent to the company's e-mail (site owner).


Registration for the event - the opportunity to register for the current event with a further notification-reminder to the registered user on his email address. It is placed with the "Calendar of events" module.


Counters, metrics are set when registering a site in search engines, allow you to collect site traffic statistics and index the site in search directories.


The domain is made up for the future owner of the site and is the address of the company's website, which can be specified in printed company graphics (business cards, presentations ...) and Internet resources (search engines, thematic sites ...).


Hosting services are also processed by the owner of the site, if not in advance

Other conditions are stipulated.


A simple management system (CMS) helps you to manage your site independently, post and edit information.


The module "Slideshow" or "Collage" will help you to present your products and services to potential consumers most brightly.


Registration form - is set to restrict access to the administration panel by the site.


Foma "Search" - is installed for sites with bulk content.


CAPTCHA is an abbreviation for the English words "Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart" - an automatic Turing test for distinguishing computers and people. In other words, it is a task that a person can easily solve, but which is impossible (or extremely difficult) to teach to solve a computer. CAPTCHA is used to prevent multiple automatic logging and sending of messages by robot programs. That is, the CAPTCHA task is protection from spam, flooding, and account seizure. Most often CAPTCHA looks like somehow a noisy random number, word or other inscription that the user needs to read and enter the read result, although there are other algorithms.

Akyaka - harbor of the Turkish Riviera

Akyaka - harbor of the Turkish Riviera

 The main attraction of Akyak is the underground mineral water of the crystal clear river Azmak. The river flows along the lower part of the town among tall eucalyptus trees and evergreen bushes
Living World of Israel

Living World of Israel

Zoological Center in Tel Aviv. Safari "Ramat Gan"100 hectares of wildlife and wildlife within the most urbanized area of ​​the country.Here animals move freely around the Safari in large herds

Make the right website

Make the right website and do not pay for it twice!

 Increasingly they apply to me with a request to audit the site for the feasibility of current, possible and unforeseen expenses in the future.In this article, I will
Hosting traps

Hosting traps

Hosting is the disk space that you rent on a server on the Internet to host your site. Simply put, the living space for your website.Hosting can be paid and free.Free hosting

Глобальная мутация Человечества

В данном труде изучены, переработаны и объединены более 120 открытий. Собрана и отредактирована информация о Боге, физиологии, новом мире. Изменения НЕ обсуждаются

Общины и родовые поместья СВЕТой Руси.

Проект создан с целью объединения РУСких общин, находится в активной разработке. Сайт является некоммерческим проектом, создан и развивается без какой-