Hosting traps

Hosting is the disk space that you rent on a server on the Internet to host your site. Simply put, the living space for your website.

Hosting can be paid and free.

Free hosting allows you to test the service, practice with site settings and domain connection.

Paid hosting has a convenient control panel, high-quality support, backup, stable operation and somehow lucky, but here we will consider possible "pitfalls" when choosing a hosting.


Attractive prices

The cost of services for hosting tariffs is indicated in the form of cost per month, but subject to a single (wholesale) payment for the year, the real cost, if you decide to pay monthly will be much more expensive, but you will find out only in a month when You will be billed for a higher amount. As a rule, your site has already been moved to hosting and advertising is launched and if you did not plan to make payments for the year ahead, then you have to accept it and pay 20-40% more from the price that was presented to you in the registration process.

The cost for hosting services in advertising, as a rule, does not contain the presence of value added tax (18%), so that the price looks more attractive, and that there is VAT you will know when you will be billed, so it is worthwhile to clarify this point immediately, Before you register the services.

The price in advertising letters from hosting providers to register domains in new zones, most often sharply increases with the actual registration of the domain.

If the hosting is registered for the stock, then it is worth familiarizing with its terms - the price can be attractive only in a fixed period while the stock lasts, and at its end it will grow substantially.


Speed ​​of site response

Large projects placed on servers physically far from users show, albeit not significant, but still a delay in the speed of downloading the site.


Weak servers

With a large attendance of the site, the loading time for pages will increase very sharply. If often there are failures in the equipment, then we can assume a bad indexation by search engines. Since the search robots, coming to an inaccessible site, naturally, do not index anything. Moreover, they can exclude old pages from the index.


Increase in tariffs and limits of memory

Even if you do not update the content of your site and it works like a business card, one day you can find it, for example, by letters from the yandex-metric, that the site is becoming increasingly inaccessible. Having communicated with the support you will learn that you need to raise the tariff plan with the subsequent rise in price, so, as the memory limit has suddenly run out.

And the question is how the promised 24 websites can work with this amount of RAM, when the only site sinks inaccessibility, will remain unanswered.


Domain transfer

When transferring a domain to hosting, for example, you will be asked to pay it a year in advance and it does not matter whether it was paid for a year ahead or not, although there is a bonus - a free ssl certificate for 1 year.


Data loss

Filling in the content of the site in the evening, the morning of the next day, you run the risk of knowing that the new content was not there. In standby versions of hosting it will not be either. Obviously this happens when the data on the server is lost, and the hosting provider silently restores the last saved version of the data. Only backing up a site with updated content on your media solves this problem and saves your nerves and time.


IP Blocking

The Internet protocol of the server directly affects the level of delivery of letters. The purer the IP, the more messages will be in the Inbox.

It is IP that can derail any advertising campaign. When placing a site on a hosting server, it is advisable to make sure that you have not been spammed from IP addresses before you and to check the IP reputation.

The reputation of IP in email marketing is an integrated indicator that allows you to determine whether the possibility of sending spam or unwanted mailings from a specific IP address is great. Different services apply different algorithms for calculating the reputation of IP. But there are some common factors that affect this indicator.


Resources for verification (Just enter the domain name or IP :)

Through the form published on the site, you can get information about the location of domain names, site page indexes on the Internet and network addresses that allow you to identify sites on the Internet that contain information that is prohibited in the Russian Federation in the Unified Register .

One of the popular free verification services checks IP on several major databases of spam servers:

SBL - storage of information about spammers and their services;

PBL - list of dynamic addresses that are not allowed to send messages;

XBL is the base of not pure anonymous proxy servers, which are often found in spam mailings.

Data spamhouse replenished daily, it blocks up to 80 billion letters a day around the world!

Online DNSL blacklists allow you to filter spam using DNS to access databases of spam IP addresses.


Find out why you can block

Domain name verification service in DNSBL

DNSBL scans our and foreign databases. The organizers say that each IP is tested for 100 blacklists.

The bases of the blewists work on the principle of automatic deletion from the list. But for this, the IP owner needs to confirm his innocence - i.e. Write to EVERY owner of the database a letter with attached facts. A database can be 100 - 1000 ...

But this does not guarantee the result! You have to believe and check. If everything is in order - then within 30 days IP will again become clean.

The reliability of the chosen hosting will depend on the success of your site. Choose well-known and large hosting providers. They have extensive experience, qualified personnel and technical support.

This is one of the few pitfalls of hosting providers, in fact, they are much larger and I will supplement this material in the process of gaining experience.


While writing this article, I launched a test of IP addresses and, unexpectedly for myself, found out that the server on which the site is hosted is listed in the blacklist. I sent the request to technical support, and by the end of the article I received an answer about the unlock. Smile


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Hosting traps

Hosting traps

Hosting is the disk space that you rent on a server on the Internet to host your site. Simply put, the living space for your website.Hosting can be paid and free.Free hosting

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