The price of the basic assembly - site "Landing" - 18 000r.00

What is included:

  1.   CMS system with the control panel of the site
  2.   Form "Contacts"
  3.   Menu (one-level)
  4.   Website design (template - 3 options to choose from)
  5.   Registration form for entering the admin panel (two access roles are configured on the site "Administrator", "Not authorized user")
  6.   "Comments / Comments" to the pages and articles of the site
  7.   news feed
  8.   Guarantee


  •   Domain Registration in the zone ru / рф
  •   Registration and setup of hosting
  •   Transferring the site to the Customer's hosting
  •   Primary consultation on the Admin panel

Akyaka - harbor of the Turkish Riviera

Akyaka - harbor of the Turkish Riviera

 The main attraction of Akyak is the underground mineral water of the crystal clear river Azmak. The river flows along the lower part of the town among tall eucalyptus trees and evergreen bushes
Living World of Israel

Living World of Israel

Zoological Center in Tel Aviv. Safari "Ramat Gan"100 hectares of wildlife and wildlife within the most urbanized area of ​​the country.Here animals move freely around the Safari in large herds

Make the right website

Make the right website and do not pay for it twice!

 Increasingly they apply to me with a request to audit the site for the feasibility of current, possible and unforeseen expenses in the future.In this article, I will
Hosting traps

Hosting traps

Hosting is the disk space that you rent on a server on the Internet to host your site. Simply put, the living space for your website.Hosting can be paid and free.Free hosting

Глобальная мутация Человечества

В данном труде изучены, переработаны и объединены более 120 открытий. Собрана и отредактирована информация о Боге, физиологии, новом мире. Изменения НЕ обсуждаются

Общины и родовые поместья СВЕТой Руси.

Проект создан с целью объединения РУСких общин, находится в активной разработке. Сайт является некоммерческим проектом, создан и развивается без какой-