There are 4 seas in Israel and each of them is special!


Despite its relatively small size, Israel is located in the Middle East and the border of several countries - in the north with the Lebanese Republic, in the east - with the Kingdom of Jordan (the border runs in the middle of the Dead Sea), in the north-east with Syria, and in the north-west - with Gaza Strip and Egypt.


Mediterranean Sea

Located between Europe, Africa and Asia. In the northeast, the Dardanelles Strait connects it with the Sea of ​​Marmara and then the Bosphorus Strait with the Black Sea, in the southeast the Suez Canal - with the Red Sea. The average depth is 1541 m, the maximum - 5121 m (Central Basin).

One of the most popular resorts in Israel is a vacation on the Mediterranean coast. The best time to relax is from May to November. The local climate gives vacationers a lot of sunny and warm days. The beaches here stretched for several kilometers - and the sand resembles powder. The purest, blue waves convey a romantic atmosphere. All this reminds a magnificent fairy tale.



The Dead Sea

Unique healing place.

Now it is a small salt lake, which is located 420 meters below sea level. Previously, there was a sea with access to the ocean. But now this site is cut off and exists on its own and is gradually drying out under the scorching Middle Eastern sun. For those living on its shores, this is a slow-moving crisis: it is incredibly difficult to find additional water supplies to maintain the sea. The salt concentration reaches 350 grams per 1 liter of water - it is saturated with minerals so that it does not look like water, but olive oil mixed with sand.

When bathing, it is advisable to use safety glasses, to protect the eyes from splashing, swallowing water should also not be. Open wounds on the body will be greatly disturbed when ingested.

An interesting fact about the Dead Sea, known to absolutely everyone - it is impossible to drown in it. Due to the high density of salt in water, you can swim while holding on the surface without diving to the bottom.


Sea of ​​Galilee (Lake Galilee)

The largest freshwater lake located in the north of Israel. This lake is the main source of fresh water for the whole country. The area of ​​Lake Kinneret is not so big, about 165 square meters. km However, its importance to Israel is so important that Galilee is even called the sea. Even today, the Israelis joke that the country is washed by 4 seas - the Mediterranean, Red, Dead Sea and the fresh sea - Sea of ​​Galilee.


Red sea

Located in the tectonic hollow separating the Arabian Peninsula from Africa. This is the most salty of all the seas that make up the oceans. Its area is 450 thousand km². The salt content in one liter of water is 41 grams.

The sea is like an aquarium with fish and corals. But be careful - a lot of sea urchins are scattered along the bottom, and especially near the coast.



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